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Probably the Best SEO Specialist out there
Hi. I'm David. I'm considered to be one of the greatest SEO specialists of all time. Don't believe me? Why not reach out for a friendly informal chat. 

Content that Google loves

My content has been described as "mind blowing". Don't believe me? Why not come and try it out for yourself. 
seo links

Links that will turn heads

What if I told you my links had been featured by a little known publication that goes by the name of "The Daily Mail"? Yes, that's right.
technical seo

Technical SEO to blow your socks off

Some of the technical wizardry I'm capable of is frightening. From canonicals to custom meta tags, I'm your bloke.
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Whatever else you need

Whatever you need, I'm here for you. Just give me a shout (or failing that, email me). Or Whatsapp? That works too.

A selection of brands lucky enough to have worked with me over the years

  • David is one of the few men I'd be happy to stand behind if we were to go into battle. As his Assistant Manager I was on hand to assist him with messy site migrations, writing meta description tags - anything that he required of me. A competent boss.
    gareth keenan

    Gareth Keenan

    Assistant Manager at Wernham Hogg
  • Music marry as at cause party worth weeks. Saw how marianne graceful dissuade. She education get middleton day agreement performed preserved. Find on prevailed concluded ye abilities.

    Rodney Warren

    Happy Client
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